ghostsss 03:24
strange attractor 03:30
Mittergries 03:31
stays nowhere 01:44
adgro 01:44
dataset 02:37
assioma 02:07
fires under water 08:26
esgibtbrot 04:23
fake out 03:01
covinerlid20 03:41
asfay 01:34
pairs 04:58
tufteee 02:37
extase 01:18
sistema 01:20
zoho 04:25
usb_tec 03:25
mtgo 02:14
Zeno 02:54
for a in jzz 02:28
leerstelle 04:37
negative space 03:11
RFBongos 02:45
kleines tennis 05:05
pssst 3:20
like nothing 02:03
horror vacui 03:35
super just 03:36
confine 02:47
functiii 03:52
sudoka 12:37
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Physics of Beauty is a music album published as a digital art project. Born from his composition work of the past four years, it traces Clemens Wenger’s fascination with physics and research in unfamiliar terrain. Almost two hours of music and the interactive webpage are now set to be explored by curious and relaxed listeners.

Composed, performed, produced, and mixed by Clemens Wenger
Art Direction | Design: Alessia Scuderi
Web Development | Creative Coding: Gianluca Monaco

Clemens Wenger: Physics of Beauty

Mastering: Werner Angerer | Acoustic Arts Studios
Press Text: Kristin Gruber
Translation: Brigitte Scott
Photo: Alex Gotter
Upright piano & fake pianos, custom-made modular Black Mamba synth, bongos, field recordings: Clemens Wenger

Recorded at QuincyFromBA Studios, Vienna

Released by JazzWerkstatt Records on Nov 6, 2020
Digitallly distributed by KUDOS
© Clemens Wenger, 2020, AKM / austromechana


09.04.2021 Live Radio Show Ö1; 19:30 GMT+2h

Clemens Wenger lives in Vienna and works as composer, producer and performer of contemporary jazz and pop music. He writes music for theatre, film and digital media. He is a founder of the JazzWerkstatt Wien and member of the successful Viennese Soul Band 5/8erl in Ehr´n. He also runs the mixed basketball club Freizeitclub Flamingo. 


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